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Ragley Piglet£1,400.00

Ragley Piglet£1,400.00

The Ragley Piglet is an appealing but somewhat unbalanced bike It’s obvious straight away that the second litter of Ragley’s Piglets share the radical ride focus of the originals.

The 65.5-degree unloaded head angle throws the high grip, soft compound, tubeless-as-standard WTB Vigilante 27.5in tyre way out front for serious stability on the steepest slopes. Burly at the business end

Even with travel chopped to 130mm, the Manitou Mattoc Comp is still an impressively smooth fork that’ll take serious hits in its stride while sucking the tyre onto the ground to maximise grip. The wide Ragley Wiser Riser bars and stubby Stubbing stem add powerful leverage for fighting the bike onto tighter lines or resisting the bullying of random rocks and roots.

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The 44mm flared-end head tube is reinforced with a massive box-section throat gusset. The 38mm diameter down tube, and 35mm down tube and seat tube create a very muscular, clearly communicative frame that you can really put your shoulders and hips into without feeling it warp or distort. The burly front end is up there with the toughest In other words, the Piglet’s front end is very well set up to […]

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