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Scots politicians get behind cycle path linking Gullane and Drem

Scots politicians get behind cycle path linking Gullane and Drem

‘Longest dispute in Scottish history’ as council and landowners remain at loggerheads over route… Politicians have backed campaigners calling for a cycle path on a dangerous main road in Scotland, with landowners and the local council at loggerheads over the route.

George Kerevan, East Lothian SNP MP, said he would offer "unqualified support” for the route linking Gullane and Drem, whose final mile is still in dispute.

The local authority has said that its powers are limited to resolve the problems.

Mr Kerevan told the Herald (link is external) : “The campaign to establish a safe cycle path between Gullane and Drem would benefit the safety and enjoyment of local cyclists and motorists.

"The completion of this path would be an excellent addition to an already extensive network of cycling paths in East Lothian.

"The fact that this specific part of the project is not finished displays a failure of the council to take the initiative and come to a suitable resolution for all stakeholders.”At the end of last year more than 60 campaigners walked the route, which would also be used by pedestrians, to highlight the issue, which has dragged on for more than 10 years.East Lothian Labour MSP Iain Gray added […]

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