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Work begins to DISMANTLE cycle lane in Sydney to make room for cars

Work begins to DISMANTLE cycle lane in Sydney to make room for cars

Roads minister is also pushing for bike licensing Work has begun to dismantle a cycle lane in Sydney under what campaigners say are draconian measures by roads minister Duncan Gay to penalise cyclists.

The New South Wales minister who describes himself as “the biggest bike lane sceptic in the government” ordered a $5m AUS (£2.5m) segregated bike lane in Sydney to be removed in the summer last year , despite it carrying more cyclists at peak times than the corresponding road.

The College Street cycleway closure by NSW minister for roads, maritime and freight Duncan Gay was protested by campaigners who say it is a loss to Sydney’s central business district.

Cycle campaigner Sue Abbott said: “The cycleway is used so much. It’s a very pleasant ride and is somewhere you can go on a really busy street, and even ride with children in safety. Taking out the lane is appalling.

In 2011 Gay’s department wrote a report that said: “Given that the bi-directional paths do not occupy previous general traffic lanes, no significant delays to other road users arising from the cycleways have occurred.”

The report also said: “The removal of the bicycle path on College Street would have limited benefits for […]

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