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Boardman’s MTB Pro FS packs a Pike and 1×11 SRAM GX for £1,500

Boardman’s MTB Pro FS packs a Pike and 1x11 SRAM GX for £1,500

The Boardman MTB Pro FS; one of the UK’s favourite full-sussers just got better There’s no getting around the fact that Boardman produces some of the most important mountain bikes on the UK market. Its value-orientated line of hardtail and full-suspension models are some of the nation’s bestsellers, and their prominence in Halfords stores undoubtedly brings a large number of riders into the sport each year.

Following a rebrand a few months back, Boardman has now announced its latest collection of bikes. Naturally, when the call came, BikeRadar was more than happy to take a trip to Wales to give some of them a go. Coming soon to a Halfords near you, the new Boardman Pro FS Arguably the most important bike in the range, and the one we think will stir most interest, is the latest version of its MTB Pro FS full-suspension bike. This new model gets a slightly longer fork than the bike it supersedes, so it’s now a 140/130mm, 650b format. Don’t let the familiar looks fool you though, componentry changes among other tweaks mean this bike is a very different proposition to the outgoing model.

For the £1,500 retail price the spec sheet is impressive: there’s […]

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