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Orro Pyro 105 disc£1,349.00

Orro Pyro 105 disc£1,349.00

Orro’s Pyro 105 disc has a fairly aggressive position for an endurance bike, but it’s a comfy one Orro is one of a number of newish outfits trying to crack the British bike market. It is part of i-Ride, which distributes De Rosa, Fulcrum and Northwave among numerous other big brands, so it should know its stuff. But, at the risk of making a terrible pun, is it enough to turn us all into Pyro-maniacs? Racier than you might think

Orro’s latest creation is aimed squarely at the endurance rider, but that doesn’t mean the Pyro is a big, lazy barge of a bike. Yes, it’s a little higher at the front – the 200mm head-tube on our XL/58cm makes it around 1cm taller than a typical race bike – but the reach is pretty much race-machine standard.

When you’re riding on the hoods the position is still reasonably aggressive, but without stretching you out and putting pressure on your lower back. Get down on the drops, however, and the Pyro feels every inch the racer. The frame mixes various grades of carbon It looks every inch the speed machine, too, and Orro’s designers have also done their homework when […]

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