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The A-Z of a bike ride

The A-Z of a bike ride

Going out for a ride at the weekend is a pretty simple thing, but there are many underlying factors that determine its enjoyment and success A – Attack: If you have a competitive bone in your body, and most of us do, you’ll likely compete with your riding companion along the route. A well-timed attack takes years to hone and you never know when those pro scouts are out on the British country roads to see your power.

B – Bonk: Uh oh, your pre-ride porridge has worn off and those flapjacks you scoffed in the first 10 miles aren’t fuelling you any more. Here comes the bonk , and there are few worse feelings in cycling.

C – Coffee: You can’t ride without a coffee stop , and that’s that. (Honourable mention: Cake)

D – Drafting: Are you the person who sits on someone else’s wheel all day, or does someone do it to you?

E – Everest: What every little hill feels like if you’re not a natural born climber.

F – Food: Everyone has different beliefs on what makes a good pre-ride meal , whether it’s porridge, eggs on toast or just a bowl of cereal. […]

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