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5 tips for making the most of the triathlon off-season

5 tips for making the most of the triathlon off-season

1 Rest and recover

Allow enough time off to let your body recover fully. Recovery is vital so that the body and its physiological markers have time to show adaptation to training stimuli. Sports nutrition is a key part of any recovery strategy and is particularly important for those who train several times a day. Inadequate recovery can lead to fatigue, illness, injury, missed training and poor performance. Carbohydrates and fluids containing electrolyte are useful for recovery, as are proteins, which help the body adapt. Assess your fuel intake and make sure that you’re putting in enough to power the best quality training.

2 Plan ahead

If you do just one thing in the off-season, this should be it. Planning is essential and should be split into a number of component parts: Plan each week. Liaise with your coach, if you have one, to schedule your training to best suit you and your lifestyle. Look at the key swim, bike and run sessions you need to complete, and make sure that you’ll hit these sessions as fresh as possible.

Plan your gym, conditioning and injury-prevention work into your week so that it becomes part of your normal training […]

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