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Boardman’s refreshed Team Carbon women’s road bike is still less than a grand

Boardman's refreshed Team Carbon women's road bike is still less than a grand

The Boardman Road Team Carbon women’s specific road bike, available from Halfords Five freshly updated road and hybrid bikes make up the core women’s-specific range from Boardman bikes at UK cycling and motoring retail giant Halfords – and you can expect to see them in stores from Thursday 28 January 2016.

The range comprises two road bikes and three hybrids , ranging in price from £499 to £999 – all comfortably within the UK’s Cycle to Work scheme voucher limit.

Another point of note about the women’s-specific Boardman bikes is that they have the same technical specifications and prices as their unisex counterparts. There is no premium to be paid for wanting a women’s specific bike here. Boardman doesn’t, as yet, offer a women’s-specific mountain bike, but hasn’t ruled out releasing one in the future.

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NB – if you’re reading this outside the UK, availability and pricing for all these models is TBC. Boardman update

Boardman Bikes , which was set up by ex-professional cyclist Chris Boardman in 2007, was acquired by Halfords in 2014 but operates as an autonomous brand. This means Boardman still designs and develops its […]

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