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Have you seen KerVelo’s front-wheel-drive recumbent?

Have you seen KerVelo’s front-wheel-drive recumbent?

Prototype recumbent features a Pinion gear hub in the front wheel What madness is this? The KerVelo is a recumbent bicycle, that much is fairly normal, but this one uses a Pinion gearbox located in the front wheel, making it a front-wheel-drive bicycle, and that’s a bit more unusual. Powering the front wheel of a bicycle isn’t complete madness though. Early bicycles involved powering the front wheel, like the penny farthing for example. But the invention of the safety bicycle and the evolution of the geared transmission means that most bicycles today, including recumbents, power the rear wheel.

It’s not the first front-wheel-drive recumbent that has been invented either. A quick Google search revealed the FrontRunner, (link is external) another front-wheel-drive recumbent. Though comparing the two, the KerVelo does appear the smarter design, courtesy of the gear hub keeping the drivetrain components packaged away inside the front hub.

With his design, Marc has attempted to design a recumbent which he claims provides the optimal frame geometry and rider position, based on an ergonomic study he conducted. To help achieve this design, he’s sought to step away from a traditional drivetrain, and position the drive unit in the front wheels. “The KerVelo […]

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