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Nine ways cycling changes when you’re over 40

Nine ways cycling changes when you’re over 40

Cycling into and beyond your 40s presents its own set of little challenges. You’re not alone Older not slower 2 Is 40 really the age at which the human body suddenly starts to feel like it is crumbling? The point at which you resign yourself to your fate and take up residence on the sofa, awaiting The End? Of course not. There are still 30, 40 or more good cycling years ahead of you, and riding is a great way to keep in shape and stay feeling young.

However, there’s no denying that things do change a little once the first flush of youth starts to fade – and that may be tough to come to terms with. It helps to know that you’re not alone… 1. You appreciate saddle time so much more

As you get older, the pressure on your time seems to increase and it can sometimes be hard to find time for a decent ride: which just makes you appreciate the time you have on the bike that much more. A full working week can leave you with little saddle time, particularly in winter, and the time you do have in the week is often filled […]

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