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Onza Jackpot£1,850.00

Onza Jackpot£1,850.00

At the heart of Onza’s Jackpot is a gorgeous steel frame Let’s cut to the chase. If you’re wondering what the ‘almost’ part of our strapline refers to it’s primarily the very wooden, low grade ‘Sport’ tyres specced on Onza’s Jackpot hardtail.

They create a rattling, jarring, dynamically dead sufferfest. Switching rubber immediately released the Jackpot’s true ride quality – and we suggest you negotiate a similar change with the shop before you seal the deal. Heart and soul

It’s definitely worth it too as the Jackpot frame is a real beauty. The gusset behind the tapered head tube is open to spread stress and the mid-sized 35mm top and down tubes use short butts to tune supple ride feel without losing too much traction feedback or precise wheel placement. The bottom bracket is a press-fit 30mm design, which is rare on steel frames and means any crank or a singlespeed-friendly eccentric BB will fit. A 150mm rockshox revelation fork, fitted to the onza jackpot frame A hollow chainstay box leads into fat- tyre -friendly keyhole chainstays that flatten and round out before the 3D dropouts, with replaceable inserts for different axles. The curved inter-stay-reinforcing pipe matches the curve […]

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