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Scott Arx Plus helmet£75.00

Scott Arx Plus helmet£75.00

Twenty-two vents in Scott’s ARX Plus keep it cool at the front, but it can get a little sweaty at the rear during warmer rides We’ve always liked Scott’s ARX helmet, thanks to its 22 large cooling vents and its reasonable price. The new Plus version adds MIPS to an already impressive mix.

MIPS is a patented ‘Brain Protection System’ that is claimed to increase safety by separating the shell and the liner with a low-friction layer, allowing the helmet to slide relative to your head in the event of an angled impact (see top right for further info). The ARX’s MIPS system is anchored to the shell by three rubber straps, which permit the necessary movement without interfering with how well the lid fits on your head.

Scott has previously incorporated MIPS technology into its mountain bike and winter sport helmets. We’re pleased that now MIPS has hit Scott’s road range it hasn’t resulted in a significant price hike over the standard lid.

Adding MIPS increases the weight, but our large helmet weighs 282g, which is just 20g more than the standard ARX. And frankly, low weight is not the first thing we look for when it comes to safety.

The ARX […]

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