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Video: Head-on collision between two cyclists on CS3

Video: Head-on collision between two cyclists on CS3

Uploader accepts responsibility for incident The cyclist who uploaded the footage below has admitted he was at fault – but just how big a part did the cycle lane layout play? The head-on collision between two cyclists took place on CS3 on Cable Street in London.

In the YouTube comments, Cameron Primrose said that the incident happened weeks ago. He said that he had only now uploaded the footage after being pestered by friends who wanted to see it. “Wouldn’t we all be hypocrites if we call out other people’s mistakes but never acknowledge our own.” ´╗┐While admitting that it was a weak excuse and accepting full responsibility for what took place, Primrose said that the car that turned down the cycle lane had slightly distracted him.

“By the time I saw the other cyclist approaching, my thinking was, if I go left, he’ll continue around the cycle lane left hand edge, keeping to his left and I might just get past in front of him and he go round my back. As he didn’t follow the left hand edge my assumption put us on a direct collision course!! Whoops.”

Primrose said that neither party was seriously hurt and that the […]

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