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Cycling deals on Specialized, Ridley, & KMC bike chain bling

Cycling deals on Specialized, Ridley, & KMC bike chain bling

Make your ride sparkle with 1/2 price KMC silver chain, alternatively get muddy with 33% off a Ridley X-Bow Your bike might be a little too polite to come to you directly to complain, but let us assure you, bicycles love jewellery. So, here’s your chance to bring a little bling home for your beloved bike – grab a silver KMC chain for only £29.99.

Of course, not all bikes are the same. Continuing this trail of personification, some bikes like it dirty. Specifically cyclocross bikes like the Ridley X-Bow 10 – which is currently on offer at a 33% discount over at Hargroves Cycles.

Finally, Leisure Lakes Bikes have got a couple of great deals on helmets – the particularly good looking Specialized S3 stood out at 40% off. Hargroves Cycles

When you’re not riding over cobbled classics over in Belgium, you’ll be flying through the mud and up over obstacles in a cyclocross race. The Belgians do the racing best, and as you’d expect, they don’t do a bad job at making the right kind of bikes either.

Belgian brand Ridley have done just that over the last few years with their Ridley X-Bow range, specifically this machine, the 10.

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