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De Rosa SK Pininfarina£7,450.00

De Rosa SK Pininfarina£7,450.00

De Rosa’s SK Pininfarina is an impressive blend of high performance and serious comfort BikeRadar verdict

"Italian style and brilliant performance, the SK Pininfarina is a joy to behold and to ride" Lows: Sending it back (obviously if you buy one you won’t have to do this, but will have to pay a lot of money)Buy if: You want a truly rapid, classy aero road bike that you can ride all day without feeling beaten up De Rosa is one of those names almost guaranteed to make cyclists of a certain age get a little weak-kneed and nostalgic.

Yet despite having heritage as rich as an oligarch, the Italian brand has occasionally struggled to find its feet in today’s fast-paced carbon-everything landscape. Supercar design pedigree

But fast-paced is precisely what De Rosa is aiming at with its new SK Pininfarina. This abbreviates the Super King name, and shares the limelight with the Pininfarina design house (think Ferrari, Alfa Romeo…).

We’d have to say though, we were initially expecting the bike to cost much more than it does. De Rosa is hardly giving it away, but the only unticked box here is electronic shifting, and the frame has universal routing for either […]

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