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Xterra: 16 tips for race day from Ben Allen & Jacqui Slack

Xterra: 16 tips for race day from Ben Allen & Jacqui Slack

The Xterra swim

1) In order to increase your ability to sight in the Xterra swim leg, practise sighting in the pool. Look up two to three times and try to keep a streamlined position by not dropping your hips and legs. For more tips on swim sighting click here

2) Always bring two pairs of goggles with you; a clear set and a dark set. I use the clear set of goggles for rainy or cloudy days, and the dark set for bright and sunny days. Practise with both pairs of goggles during your pool sessions so you’re equally comfortable with both pairs.

3) Once the gun goes off, take your time getting into the water. There’s no reason to battle the chaos. It’s totally fine to swim 10-20m off to the side to avoid the washing machine mess. Don’t stress about losing a few seconds, because the more comfortable you feel in the water the better your swim will go anyway. If you can swim well you should position yourself front and centre. If swimming isn’t your strong suit, then it’s best to seed yourself towards the back of the pack.

4) I think your […]

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