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Council spends £55k turning cycle lane into car parking

Council spends £55k turning cycle lane into car parking

Following lobbying from residents Stoke-on-Trent council will move cyclists onto shared pavement with pedestrians Stoke-on-Trent council is spending £55,000 to turn a cycle lane into car parking.

Following lobbying from residents on Harpfield Road, who had taken to parking on the “rarely-used” cycle lane when no other spaces were available outside their homes, the council will create one lane for cycles and pedestrians to share, while turning the existing bike lane into car parking.

The council says changes will make it easier for people to park, while improving safety for those who cycle, who will no longer face collision with motor vehicles when they drive across the bike lane, or leave cars on the bike lane itself.

City council cabinet member Jack Brereton told the Stoke Sentinel (link is external) : "We have recently consulted with residents on a scheme which will improve road safety as well as access in Harpfield Road.

"In particular the work will reduce current hazards for both pedestrians and cyclists.

"The scheme is also designed to help improve residential parking and will allow residents to park much closer to their properties."Harpfield Road is unusual in the UK in that it has an off-road cycle path and separate footpath […]

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