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Genesis Tarn 20£1,900.00

Genesis Tarn 20£1,900.00

Genesis’ Tarn 20 is an outstanding plus-sized hardtail It’s easy to assume the big, fat tyres of plus bikes dominate their ride character to the point where they all feel the same. But the more we ride the more it’s clear you can end up with very different bikes even with the same balloons wrapping the wheels.

It’s also clear that not all manufacturers have got their handling or clearances sorted to make the best of the bigger volume rubber. The good news is the Tarn is the one of the best plus hardtails we’ve ridden, and it has a great parts package for the price too. Classy chassis

That second bit is particularly impressive, given the tapered head tube, super-sloped top tube, Boost 148x12mm rear axle frame, built from Genesis’s own double-butted Mjolnir steel tubing blend. The wide-spread rear stays provide a smoothly supple ride that really syncs well with the kind of experience you’re likely to want from a plus bike. Rather than feeling dead under power like some steel frames it’s got a really lively spring as you press on the Race Face cranks. ‘Boost’ 148x12mm rear axle spacing features out back Despite being much heavier, the […]

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