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Is it the end for cantilever brakes?

Is it the end for cantilever brakes?

Fewer and fewer cyclo-cross bikes can be bought with cantilever brakes. Will discs take over completely as the brake of choice for stopping in the mud? cantilever brakes 01 It used to be that cantilever brakes were the only option for cyclo-cross bikes . A conventional rim brake caliper does not provide enough clearance for wider tyres and muddy conditions, so cyclo-cross bikes would make use of the cantilever’s straddle wire and outward-facing lever arms to provide the necessary space around the tyres.

But since 2010 the UCI has allowed disc brakes to be used in cyclo-cross races. Using a disc rotor and caliper mounted near the wheel axle moves the braking mechanicals well away from the muddy rim and further from sources of contamination, leading to more consistent performance.

In the five years since the UCI’s decision, it’s become increasingly rare to find cyclo-cross bikes sold with cantis.

David Devine, who designs bikes for Cannondale told us that the brand first offered a disc-braked cross bike in 2003 and that from 2013 its entire cross bike range has been equipped with disc-brakes.

He sees the advantages of discs both in terms of better tyre clearance and integration into the bike’s design. He […]

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