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Multi-day cycling: ride, recover and ride again

Multi-day cycling: ride, recover and ride again

Get your recovery right for multi-day events to ensure you can keep on keeping on Multi-day rides are tough on mind and body, and avoiding injury when cycling is paramount. Training and preparation beforehand, fueling yourself adequately during, and knowing how to pace yourself will all help, but equally crucial is the action you take after you finish for the day.

Stephen Garvey, cycling injury specialist with Six Physio , talked us through the four key steps you should take to keep the blood flowing, prevent muscles seizing up and aid your recovery so you’re ready to ride again the next day. Set massage targets

If you can, get a massage each evening to help muscle recovery When glycogen stores start to deplete and the lactic acid starts to build, the first area this will be noticed is in the lower limbs. A good rubdown will expel the side effects. A massage needs to focus on the powerhouse muscles such as the rectus femoris, hip flexors such as the psoas and the gluteals.

Particular attention paid to the semisplenius capitis (upper and back part of the neck) and erector spinae (three columns of muscle extending down the vertebral column) can ease […]

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