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Norwich’s “Dutch-style” roundabout designs not Dutch, say campaigners

Norwich's "Dutch-style" roundabout designs not Dutch, say campaigners

Plans for the roundabout have been criticised for creating conflict and not protecting cyclists when they need it most Plans for a £300,000 ‘Dutch-style’ roundabout in Norwich will put cyclists into conflict with pedestrians and drivers, according to campaigners.

Unlike a Dutch-style roundabout, which separates cycles, cars and pedestrians, designs for the junction of Woodcock Road and Catton Grove Road uses shared space for cyclists and pedestrians. The plans described by the CTC’s Sir Roger Geffen as “not terribly good”, are also criticised for providing no protection for cyclists when they rejoin the road after exiting the roundabout.

Norwich council, who agreed the plans last week, say they wanted a fully Dutch-style roundabout, with protected bike tracks separate from pedestrian footpaths. However, due to width limitations the council has resorted to shared space pavements, with zebra crossings on raised tables at each junction to give cycles and pedestrians priority over turning traffic.

However, both local and national campaigners have voiced concerns over the designs which, among other things, decrease the size of the roundabout, so drivers can essentially drive straight across the junction without turning. CTC’s Policy Director, Sir Roger Geffen, says plans make it more like “an uncontrolled crossroads”.

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