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BikeRadar Bargains: tools, cleaning and maintenance

BikeRadar Bargains: tools, cleaning and maintenance

BikeRadar Bargains – cleaning, tools and maintenance It’s never a bad time to give your bike a little TLC with a clean, polish and tweak or two. Why not get some shiny new products to do it with?

Let’s face it, this winter has not been kind. Torrential, relentless rain means roads and trails alike are sodden and covered in muck. Unless you’ve only been on the turbo or rollers indoors this winter, the chances are you’ve been washing your bikes. A lot. So to help ensure your steed is in tip top condition, and to lighten the pain of forking out for yet more bike cleaner, we bring you some of the best bike tools, cleaning and maintenance bargains. Sealey PW1712 rechargeable 12V pressure washer £191.94 £106.00

Get your bike cleaner faster with a pressure washer like this one from sealey: A pressure washer is – so long as you use it right and keep it away from delicate parts – a regular cyclist’s best friend, and particularly if that cyclist happens to live in the UK and rides year-round. The Sealey PW1712 (not a name that trips off the tongue) has a 17l water tank and can […]

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