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Farewell, AngryAsian

Farewell, AngryAsian

A little secret about James: He isn’t really that angry – most of the time James Huang, aka the AngryAsian, concludes his long run at BikeRadar today. Rather than let the guy go quietly into the matrix as he’s emailed onto his next role, we thought we’d give him a proper sign off. Here’s a look back at some of his greatest work of the past 11 years, first at our sister site Cyclingnews , and then BikeRadar .

To begin with, his AngryAsian column gave a medium for James to vent. Most of the time it was truly useful information; other times it was the literacy equivalent of spanners and cats flying everywhere .

Whether writing about rider sponsorships , crappy quick releases , creaky bottom brackets or things not to say to a bike mechanic , James has never been shy about articulating his opinion.

In addition to the monthly rants, James brought us all gems from the past with the Throwback Thursday series . From race-winning steel road machines to extremely rare mountain bikes , the series would commonly highlight how so much innovation is just coming back around.

Travelling the world, James took us behind the scenes of how […]

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