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First look: Absoluteblack oval road chainrings launched

First look: Absoluteblack oval road chainrings launched

Absoluteblack aims to make oval rings more accessible, and claim to improve cadence and provide smoother power delivery There’s a new name in the oval chainring market: Absoluteblack. The company has just launched a range of road bike oval chainrings, and we had a first look when founder Marcin Golec popped down to the office the other day to show us the new products.

The company has been making oval chainrings for several years now. If you dabble in mountain biking you might very well have come across the name. Now the company has launched a range of road oval chainrings. Oval chainrings have become increasingly popular in the road market for a couple of years, and there are several well-known brands specialising in non-round rings. We probably don’t need to mention them (Rotor). It does seem road cyclists are more open to trying new products these days, especially if they might increase their efficiency, power output or speed on the road bike.

What sets Absoluteblack apart, Marcin tells us, is a desire to make oval chainrings more accessible to a broader segment of road cyclists. Other brands might focus on the needs of professionals and very serious amateur racers, […]

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