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#mycyclingweekend – look up or look down, just take a photo!

#mycyclingweekend - look up or look down, just take a photo!

It might be wet, it might be muddy, but that won’t stop your rides being spectacular – share them with us!… It’s probably going to be muddy, it’s probably going to be cloudy, it might even rain, but it also might not. Whatever the weather conditions, regardless of the riding conditions, heading out this #mycyclingweekend will be the best decision you make. We guarantee it.

Don’t believe us? Below we’ve got a number of photos we were sent this week of ‘bleak’ and ‘miserable’ countryside on a pretty grey and muddy weekend last time out.

The folks who sent us in these photos didn’t let what looked like poor riding conditions stop them getting out and enjoying themselves. No, no, they hopped on their bikes, wrapped up warm, and rode on through.

They, and we, were rewarded with some stunning photography, and some decent stories. None of which would have been sent our way had the participants not toughed it out.

Instagram user dale_ftw toughed it out more than most, what with his road’s being somewhat further north than the rest of ours.

Studying in Edinburgh, he sent us these photos of his ‘audax’ adventures. Some spectacular photography, and some stunning scenery to be […]

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