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Spotted! Is this the new Shimano power meter?

Spotted! Is this the new Shimano power meter?

While at the 2016 Challenge Majorca, we spotted the FDJ Team using what appeared to be an unbranded new power meter French newspaper L’Equipe last week reported that FDJ were with “three Japanese engineers from Shimano, who’ve come to test a new top secret product” while at their training camp in Calpe, Spain.

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Just ahead of the opening Challenge Majorca race we spotted some curious black boxes on two of FDJ ’s Lapierre team bikes. FDJ are sponsored by and normally use SRM power meters, but on a couple of the team bikes, in place of the usual SRM, was a standard Shimano Dura Ace chainset, with a black plastic box between the driveside chain rings and a second black box on the inside of the non-driveside crank arm.

New Shimano power meter? The second sensor on the non drive side crank arm

This second sensor was located in a similar position to a Stages power meter suggesting that if this is a Shimano power meter, it is likely to be providing actual double sided measurement, when the two black boxes readings are combined.


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