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Aqua2Go Pro Washer£150.00

Aqua2Go Pro Washer£150.00

Aqua2Go’s Pro Washer is an effective unit despite limited charge life At this time of year, your bike’s going to get dirty no matter where you ride so if you want it to last you’ll need a regular cleaning regime. Aqua2Go’s Pro washer weighs 5.22kg, stands 48cm tall with a footprint of 28cm x 35cm – not bad considering that includes the 6m hose, spray gun and battery.

Most of its volume is taken up by a 20-litre water tank, which is above average for this type of washer. Filling it up obviously adds considerable weight, and there are a pair of skate wheels on one side and a fold-out handle for pulling it along flat surfaces and a top handle for lifting it up.

Usefully, the mains-chargeable lithium-ion battery doubles as an LED torch when removed from the unit, and can power other devices from its lighter socket or USB port. You can also power the washer from a car’s 12v lighter socket; in this mode you can remove the pump and there’s a hose fitting for using an alternate water source.

A full two-hour battery charge will give around 30 minutes use. You’re advised not to use the unit for […]

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