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Businesses protest parking space closures on Edinburgh cycle highway

Businesses protest parking space closures on Edinburgh cycle highway

Safe segregated path will mean closure of some local parking spots for shoppers Campaigners for a cycle path between Roseburn and Leith Walk in Edinburgh have come up against protest from businesses that fear the loss of parking spaces will affect custom.

The council is developing a new cycle route linking the Roseburn path to Leith Walk via George Street which forms part of National Cycle Network (NCN) Route 1.

The route will cost £9 million and include new cycle routes with protected cycle tracks on main roads, and cyclist and pedestrian priority at key junctions to reduce conflict with other traffic.

But hundreds of people have signed a petition to keep the parking spaces from Roseburn to Haymarket, with businesses displaying posters protesting against the route.

Peter Gregson, who is leading the protests, told The Scotsman (link is external) : “Rather than spending £1 million getting a cycle track on the main road, the cash would be better spent fixing the black spots around the city that cause cyclists to be maimed on a regular basis.”

As we reported recently, Peter’s online petition (link is external) has been set up against the proposed cycle route going down the main road. However, […]

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