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Pinnacle Iroko 3£1,250.00

Pinnacle Iroko 3£1,250.00

Pinnacle’s Iroko 3 may not be a high-fashion bike, but it’s a superb advert for alloy hardtails If you flick back through BikeRadar ‘s testing history of Pinnacle bikes you’ll see a very impressive list of wins and recommendations that’s way above the average. Some of our staff have even spent their own hard-earned cash on them.

Despite these facts, watching this deceptively simple alloy hardtail work its magic on our unsuspecting testers was an education in just how well Pinnacle have put this bike together. Alloy ally

We tested the Iroko in the Lake District, alongside steel hardtails that included the Ragley Piglet , Onza Jackpot and Genesis Tarn . The first shock for most of our team was that regardless of the traditional tripe about the magical ‘floated and springy’ ride properties of steel, the Pinnacle was the best conventional bike of the group – by a big margin. A full SRAM GX group delivers crisp, positive shifting As well as triple-butted main tubes, the frame also has big reinforcing gussets to tune ride feel. While the 142x12mm axle dropouts look like something you’d anchor suspension bridge cables in, they’re heavily cutaway on the inside edge. Add […]

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