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8 Bike Lights We Love

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The Stix Comp lights by Specialized are best for the rider who wants a compact, minimalist set of lights that won’t ruin the clean lines of your bike, or a supplemental pair to add to an existing light setup for extra visibility. The 105-lumen white headlight is good for being seen from the front, and provides juuuust enough brightness to light your way home on a dark street, but I’d supplement with something a little stronger (200 lumens and up) if you’re really riding any distance. It did, however, become a go-to daytime headlight because it wasn’t as obtrusive as many higher-powered standbys, yet still cast a super-bright beam that could be seen on a sunny day. The tail light is a solid 20 lumens. And for their small size and lumen count, the Stix Sport lights are impressively bright, with an eye-catching rapid flash pattern.

The slim profile is similar in width to a seatpost or flat handlebar, giving the lights a streamlined look when they’re attached to the bike. The rubber-band mount makes it very easy to quickly detach and remount both lights too, though it’s not quite enough to reach around some aero seatposts or handlebars (an aero seatpost mount is available separately). Integrated USB chargers are a nice touch and are easy to access—you just pull the rubber cover off. Battery life is really impressive, too: Specialized claims 22.5 hours for the headlight on its lowest flashing mode, and a whopping 27.5 hours claimed for the tail light. What I observed: It generally seemed like these blinkies could run for ages without needing to be charged.—Gloria Liu

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