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Campagnolo H11 Disc Brakes Bring Smooth Braking and Powerful Features

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Which brings us to its H11 brakes. They come in three variations, all using the same calipers and rotors with different levers. The ErgoPower disc-brake controls bring customization features, such as AMS (Adjustable Modulation System), which tunes the feel of the brakes so you can have a softer or more aggressive initial feel.

It was the quiet operation of the H11s that initially stood out most in our test director Matt Philip’s first ride. “There’s barely a hiss, even under heavy, and repeated, braking; no vibration or harshness telegraphs though the system,” Phillips mentioned. He also pointed about that “the brakes do not require a strong pull to reach lockup, which makes the brakes feel powerful, but that feeling is nicely balanced by the smooth initial bite, and a wide and intuitive modulation band.”

When shopping for disc brakes, it can be easy to get lost in the different options on the market, but Campy’s H11s are great for anyone looking for smooth and quiet operation with a precise feel at the levers.

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