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Katie Archibald column: ‘It was a pretty savage race, bodies everywhere’

This article is originally from Cycling Week

As the big races in the track season rapidly approach, Katie Archibald gets in some Madison action with mixed results

Katie Archibald.

Olympic and world champion, Katie Archibald got into cycling after winning handicap races on a Highland Games grass track. She writes a column for Cycling Weekly each week

I was racing in Glasgow recently. My last race before the European Track Championships (October 19-22) was always going to be on my home track, though I was expecting it to be at the first round of the Revolution Series.

That was cancelled though (making the new first round the London event on November 25, I believe) so my last touch of racing was a sprint event: the Glasgow Sprint GP. I got to race against, and be beaten by, national sprint champion Jessica Crampton as well getting a win for myself in the keirin. Can’t be totally awful prep, can it.

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I also entered the ‘open’ points race. Originally the men’s points race, the friendly organisers were happy to let me enter with no false name needed. So ‘Karlos Itchibaw’ stays on the shelf for next time.

The field wasn’t bursting but among the small entry was my boyfriend. The last time we raced against each other we were juniors, and it ended in tears. It was a Madison so we were actually a pair racing

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