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Nine reasons for having multiple bikes (clogging up the hallway)

This article is originally from Cycling Week

In danger of having a one in, one out rule imposed? Here are some ready made justifications you can roll out before your bikes do exactly that…

Walking into the home of a bike hoarding cyclist can cause anyone to catch their breath – fellow bike lovers admiring the beauty, and non-cyclists pausing to re-evaluate the sanity of the individual.

Over time, and without the possession of a garage (simply not safe these days, anyway), the home can begin to look like a jungle of steel and aluminium – once essential components making homes on the branches of leather coated handlebars and on upturned saddles.

The once joyous N+1 rule (ideal number of bikes is always the quantity you have, +1) can leave cyclists tortured when homes reach capacity, and a one in, one out law comes into enforcement.

Don’t let it happen to you. Here are some handy reasons to help you explain the need to keep all those extra bikes…

Couldn’t DO bike riding without them

Can’t ride track without a (limited edition Specialized Allez Sprint) track bike

This is the standard ‘first port of call’. Move on to the others if it fails.

You need a road bike. And then a winter version, so the ‘precious’ doesn’t get ruined. You can’t race time trials without a TT bike, ‘cross without a cyclocross bike, track without a track bike and you need a shopper with a hub gear and luggage for errands and commuting.

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