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Shimano to finally retail its power meter, available to buy in November

This article is originally from Cycling Week

Shimano finally announces the availability of its long-awaited power meter, hitting the shelves in November

We first saw Shimano’s power meter way back in the early doors of 2017, when the Japanese giant debuted its Dura-Ace 9100 series groupset.

Finally, after months of speculation, Shimano has confirmed that the new power meter will come to market in November costing £1,299. It’ll come available as the full crankset or just as the arms.

Shimano R9100-P: key features

For starters, this is the first ever power meter designed by Shimano. While other companies have designed their own to be compatible with Shimano Dura-Ace, the company itself has never released a power measuring tool.

According to the brand this changed because its pro riders,a  considerable amount of the pro peloton, were looking for more accurate options, presumably wanting the reliability that Shimano’s groupsets are famed for.

It’s a true, two-sided power meter, offering different readings for different sides rather than measuring one and calculating the other with a specific formula.

Also interesting is the fact there’s only one battery, despite the two sides, which differs from other dual sided power meters on the marker. Instead, they’re connected by a wire.

Any data that it collects can be transferred by ANT+ or Bluetooth for smartphone updates and compatibility.

The power meter sits integrated in the chain rings and is dual sided

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Shimano claims that the new power meter

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