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Brompton Black Edition: now in green and orange too

This article is originally from Cycling Week

New Black Edition launched and available for a limited period

Brompton first launched its Black Edition in 2015 and has launched a second one since. For 2018, the third Black Edition Brompton will be available not just in black lacquer but also in Turkish Green, Black and Orange frame options.

Brompton says that the Black Edition bikes are inspired by city life at night and aimed at attracting a younger, urban cycling community, wanting to explore city life.

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According to Stephen Loftus, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer: “Our first two Black Editions were a huge success reaching new audiences for Brompton. We are looking forward to bringing the Black Edition back this year, and are particularly excited by the introduction of our new premium Black Lacquer finish”

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Black Lacquer finish allows the frame brazing to be seen

In the Black Edition bikes, the standard silver wheel rims, spokes and seat post arereplaced with black items. Prices for the Black Edition bikes start at £1000, with a wide range of options being configurable by the buyer, to meet their own requirements.

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So you can get your Black Edition bike in the S, M and H model types and select either two-speed or six-speed gearing. There are also three choices of seatpost, two different saddles and three tyre options. In addition, you can add reflectors, battery or dynamo

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