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The health snob’s guide to coffee

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Feeling bleary? If your weekend was a bit loose, we won’t judge – but we can help. A new study has found coffee oils and antioxidants in your favourite brew protect your liver, decreasing your risk of cancer by 40% when you consume 3-5 cups a day. Our hipster-approved guide to brewing your own coffee is just what the barista ordered. We won’t even ask you your name. 

What to buy

The first rule: if you don’t grind the beans yourself, it doesn’t count. “Once the bean is broken, its health properties start to reduce – as does its flavour,” says Nigel Green, roastmaster at the Dorset Coffee Co.

Robusta: Ironically moustachioed coffee bores will tell you Arabica is superior. Science disagrees – Robusta beans are higher in cancer-fighting antioxidants, reports the University of Vienna. Robusta Medium Roast, £10 for 500g

Blend: The downside? Robusta beans can be bitter. If you find them a little, er, robust, an Arabica blend is your middle ground. “Most high-street chains use a mix of these beans,” says Green. Italian Espresso Blend, £5 for 250g

Arabica: The purist’s choice. To get your fix of vitamin E, antioxidants and glutathione, go for darker

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