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5 Of The Best Wireless Headphones

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If it’s even possible, prepare to loathe your commute even more, as making your way to work using public transport may be making you deaf. That’s according to a new Canadian study finding that regular exposure to rattling trains and roaring traffic and damage your hearing over time. 

We analysed the latest wireless headphones to tune out fatigue and amp up your volume training

Handily, respite can be at hand. Below, we analyse the latest wireless headphones to tune out fatigue, amp up your volume training and safeguard your hearing. 

A s a glut of Instagram memes will testify, there is no worse fate than turning up for an interval session on the Versaclimber having forgotten your headphones. A close second, however, is struggling not to garotte yourself with the wires mid-session, just as you’ve reached the chorus of Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger (or whatever it is you play to spike your testosterone. Seriously, man, it’s 2017…)

The latest wireless training headphones, on the other hand, will not only bring your gym bag up to date but also deliver all the performance boons of music with none of the annoyances. In fact, Brunel University, a world-leading research hub on music and athleticism,

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