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5 ways to shift belly fat

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As dreary as it is, the cliché of summer bodies being made in winter is totally true. Similarly, you’re likely to want to get rid of your paunch before Christmas rolls around. But it’s not just about look. Losing weight around your midriff remains more important than ever, as research has shown it can lengthen your life, boost your confidence and increase your testosterone. 

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These five tips will shed weight faster than Baywatch flopped at the box office. 

1. Don’t skip cardio

According to a study by Duke University, cardio trumps resistance training when it comes to honing lean body mass. Studying people who trained on treadmills, exercise bikes and cross-trainers for eight months, the researchers found that the participants, on average, lost about 8 per cent of their visceral fat, while those performing equally challenging resistance workouts saw no change.

2. Get between the sheets

How are you feeling? Tired? Not surprising. A study in the journal Sleep found that those who clocked 6-7 hours of sleep a night had the

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