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MH Investigates: The Great Sugar Swindle

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Researchers are now claiming that the International Sugar Research Foundation withheld findings from 1967 that linked a high-sugar diet with high levels of blood-bound fat triglycerides.

Had the research been released sooner, some believe the negative health effects of sucrose could have been fought more efficiently. So, does this mean we’re in the midst of an international sugar swindle? MH investigated.

In between making the prime minister crease with his budget-related jokes, Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond this week announced a brand new sugar tax, due to come into play just over a year away in April 2018. The plan is for drinks with more than 5g of sugar per 100ml to pay 18p per litre while those with 8g or more per 100ml will be taxed at 24p per litre. The plan is that the sticky fingered dosh will provide an extra £1bn for the Department of Education, which brings to mind words like “NHS”, “bus” and “£350 million”.

The Obesity Health Alliance has nevertheless described the levy

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