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Training tips from Conor McGregor’s coach

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What does it take to build a champion?

That’s the question we’ve been asking Owen “Rowdy” Roddy. Head coach at SBG Charlestown fight gym in Dublin, Roddy is best known for coaching UFC legend Conor McGregor. Shepherding the champ-champ through his meteoric rise to power, we convinced Roddy to share some of his coveted secrets to success ahead of the new movie Conor McGregor: Notorious. Whether you’re an aspiring MMA pro, or you just need some weightloss life-hacks, we’ve got the keys to the kingdom.

Round #1: Practice, practice, practice

For you, this means having a plan and sticking to it, training four times a week. For Roddy, this means putting McGregor through twice-daily sessions over eight weeks. “My number one rule would be to be consistent. You’ve got to get those sessions in.”

However, that plan’s got to bear in mind your own limitations. Feeling like something’s about to give? Listen to your body. “Normally, when you start to get fit, you tend to try and push yourself too hard,” says Roddy. “Know when

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