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Three ways to tell that your suit fits correctly

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Finding a suit that fits properly is easy, says Campbell Carey, head cutter and creative director of Savile Row tailor, Huntsman. “But the sign of a well-fitting suit isn’t always in the places you’d think to look. Our heritage and craftsmanship, twinned with precision and accuracy, ensures we never compromise.”

A master in interpreting measurements and turning them into a garment that will flatter the wearer, Carey knows it’s often the details you don’t immediately see which dictate a proper fit.

“There are 25,000 stitches in a bespoke suit and they can take months to finish,” says Campbell. “You factor in the fit, the fabric and the traditional ‘house style’ as well and there’s a lot to consider. But the obvious areas like trouser length aren’t always the most important.”

Instead, pay attention to these three details to ensure your fit is nothing short of impeccable.

Shoulder the load

“Begin by making sure the shoulders of your jacket fit correctly,” says Campbell. “Because if they’re wrong, it’s one of the costliest alterations to

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