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6 of the most Googled health questions of 2017, answered

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We all know the internet is full of spurious science and dubious health advice but, when you’re feeling off-colour, it is often tempting to look to Dr Google to put your mind at rest.

To help you avoid the many dangers of misinformation from doing this, we’ve compiled a list of the most commonly searched for health queries in 2017, with some medically sound advice on each. The subtext, though, is clear: as with Dr Google and his 20 years of hive-mind training in guess-work, if you have concerns, see a doctor. A real one. 

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Google: Why do I feel sick?

Nausea isn’t normally a sign of anything serious. Drink some water or ginger tea/ginger beer, take a break from work and breathe deeply. The feelings should pass before long.

Seek help, however, if you experience:

Sharp, severe stomach pain

Sharp chest pain

Vomiting and/or passing blood

A stiff neck and a high temperature

A sudden, severe headache

Call your GP or 111 if:

You’ve been throwing up regularly for longer than 48 hours

Your vomit is green

You’ve become severely dehydrated

You’re unable to keep down fluids

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