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A Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Olympian Abs

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Remember that gymnast with the muffin-top paunch and no muscle definition? Neither do we. That’s because gymnasts, with their mix of flexibility and functional muscle, realised long ago that while six-pack abs might be made in the kitchen, they’re chiselled at the bar.

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The swing through – performed on the parallette bars tucked away in a corner of your gym and criminally underused – is a beginner’s  gymnastics move that yields elite results. “Starting with momentum is key,” explains calisthenics expert James Greenwood. “Spring your feet forward and engage your core to whip your hips through.” Once you have perfected the movement pattern, you can slow down each phase to truly tax your abs. Aim to complete a rep in three seconds for Whitlock-level cred.

With the technique nailed, add three sets of 15 reps as part of a core finisher three or four times a week, and Greenwood says you’ll see the benefit to your midsection within a fortnight. Worth taking a swing at,

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