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Amazing new inflatable velodrome opens for business at the end of January

This article is originally from Cycling Week

Lexus Velodrome in Detroit uses a 166-metre track housed in an inflatable dome to provide new indoor facility for cycling and other sports. We speak to its designer, Dale Hughes

Lexus Velodrome, Detroit, exterior Credit: Lexus Velodrome

A new indoor velodrome has opened in Detroit, Michigan, USA, using an ingenious inflatable dome to protect the track and its riders and provide an all-year-round facility.

The Lexus Velodrome will officially open for business at the end of January, having risen up in a relatively short space of time thanks to some hard work and ingenuity.

A 166-metre wooden track is accompanied by a flat concrete track around its outside for walking, running, skating and other sports and an in-field that could be used for a variety of purposes.

The velodrome was designed by Dale Hughes, who has been repsonsible for many of America’s cycling tracks. Amazingly, perhaps, with the Lexus Velodrome’s arrival only three US cities now boast indoor velodromes.

Lexus Velodrome, Detroit, infield. Photo: Lexus Velodrome

Hughes told Cycling Weekly that he thinks Detroiters will embrace their new facility.

“Detroiters like bikes for fitness, fundraising and socialising.  Now we have added one more component – entertainment in a cool new place with a sport that most of our audience has never seen but is likely to embrace.”

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In order for the velodrome to survive, Hughes and the venue’s organisation have several means to

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