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Do We Really Need Energy Drinks?

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You may have heard about the internal circadian clock that dictates whether you wake up on the energetic side of the bed or not. Infuriatingly, it often seems like, no matter what you do, your power to influence this clock is limited. Well, prepare for another sigh (or was that a yawn?) of exasperation. New research revealed that men’s clock’s are hard wired to be around two hours behind women’s. Early risers are often left to blearily battle against nature and, as a result, often search for a buzz in all the wrong places. We’re looking at you, man clutching a can of flourescent fizz during his morning commute.

With a market that has grown by 400% in five years, it seems we can’t get enough energy drinks. MH reveals which ingredients you should look out for as a safe shortcut to extra pep and which are more of a downer.


What is it? A drug which stimulates stress hormones in the central nervous system.

Does it work? The equivalent of a cup of filter coffee (80mg) can increase short-term recall and alertness by a third, according
to researchers at the University
of Arizona. “It works to boost
key brain processes,” says

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