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How super are your superfoods?

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At one point it was kale, then it was goji berries. Macha had its moment, alongside softshell crab and kombucha. But now, at £40 a kilo, Moringa – a plant used for oils, fruits and water purification — is being lauded as the latest modish superfood. But, can it really turbocharge your nutrition? Below, we digest the facts. 

“A killer bod is made in the kitchen, bro!” (probably) scoffs the gym-rat polishing off his second dinner before washing it down with a shake. And, as frustrating as it may seem, he’s right.

For years now, you, like him, have been programmed to divide your meals into three key groups: proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables or fruit. And, for years, you’ve nailed it. You’ve started counting your macros and that tower of Tupperware you’ve got stacked-up at home is growing by the day. Mum must be so proud.

So, it’s safe to assume you’re well versed in the rise-and-rise of superfoods, too. Kale? That’s considered one. Goji berries? So it seems. Even seaweed is being celebrated as magical scran. Wash it down with coconut water and you’re on par with Superman, apparently. 

However, not all superfoods are as super as they’d like

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