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How This Guy Lost 160kg, And Avoided Dying From Obesity

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Zach Moore can pinpoint the moment he decided to change his life or, more accurately, save his life. He was lying in hospital and was seriously ill.

He had even recorded a ‘goodbye’ video to his 8-year-old son – to be shown if he died suddenly

“Watching my family look at me,” he told, “sensing their fear and questions that they were likely asking, which I was too. “Is this it?”, “Is he going to die?”, “Am I going to die?”…I decided that was it. I was going to stick around for my wife and son who need me.”

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Moore was in hospital for suspected food poisoning and, as is routine, was weighed by doctors.

“They took my weight there,” he said, “something I hadn’t done in a while and it read 209. I figured that it was off, but it was in kilograms. I converted it. 460lbs.”

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