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How To Wear A Black Shirt, According To Chris Hemsworth

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Amongst the glitz, the glamour and celebrity clamour of 2018’s Golden Globes, Hollywood deity Chris Hemsworth demonstrated how to partner a black shirt with a suit properly.

The god of Thunder and Men’s Health cover star wore all black at the awards in solidarity with Time’s Up, a movement which supports the victims of sexual abuse and harassment in the workplace.

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Rather than the traditional white shirt and black bow-tie that is the norm at Hollywood awards ceremonies, Hemsworth went dark and made it work. A black shirt is a tricky thing to pull off and — while Hemsworth may be the physical embodiment of a Norse god — there are some tricks us mere mortals can borrow from him.

First up, he chose to wear an unusual, patterned tuxedo instead a plain one, from Italian tailoring brand Etro. Sounds scary? Not if it’s a black pattern on black fabric – rendering it almost invisible until the light hits it. By wearing this, he removes

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