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The 8-Hour Diet Technique That Helped Hugh Jackman Get Ripped-

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It seems unlikely that Terry Crews and Nicole Kidman would follow the same diet, but the latest fad to sweep Hollywood doesn’t really discriminate based on body type. It’s called the 8-Hour Diet, and the name is just a cutesy term for intermittent fasting, or eating during prescribed hours and abstaining from food the rest of the time.

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The diet itself isn’t actually new, but it’s been steadily gaining traction with celebrities. The trend kicked off in 2013, when David Zinczenko — the author of the famous Eat This, Not That! series, wrote a book claiming you’ll drop major weight if you eat for only eight hours of the day and fast for the 16 others. (So if you eat breakfast at 10am, your last bite of the day will clock in around 6pm.) And it doesn’t matter what you eat in that time, as long as it’s balanced and protein-rich to keep you full.

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