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Want to increase your Tinder appeal? Play rugby

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In the world of online dating there are always plenty of fish in what has become a very big sea. With an estimated 8 million men using dating apps in the UK, it can sometimes be difficult to stand out, so anything that can get you a bit more attention is, well, worth your attention. 

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The surprising results of a recent survey by will be welcome then, as they discovered that you can more than DOUBLE your chances of getting a Tinder match, providing you play sports.


The research by (perhaps instigated after golf was listed as the most boring sport) found that both men and women benefit from listing that they play sports on their Tinder profile.

To put that benefit in context, a male profile with no mention of sport gets an average of 57 matches. Include a mention of sport, however, and you’re up to around 94.2 matches. Male rugby players, for example, more than doubled their matches. They didn’t say what affect

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